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Trust in Beer

Not all beer is created equal, but almost all beers available in the United States are created by two companies: Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors. Together they make up 65% of the country’s beer consumption (39% […]

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Money Goes Where Water Flows

California is naturally beautiful. The population increases of the last century dramatically changed the natural landscape and modernized its beauty, thanks to both the agriculture industry and residents bringing beauty to their yards. Because the […]

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Invest in Education

National security threats have often been viewed as potential attacks—often foreign—against the United States, as observed in the eight key issue threats established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s national security threat list: Terrorism Espionage […]

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Reevaluating the Evaluations

Educators are great assets. Among the wide variety of assignments teachers face, they teach, nurture, discipline, and lead children. This costs tax dollars. Teachers must be held accountable for this funding—just like Big Bird. Quantifying […]

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Rational Criminal Justice

Californians are being given the chance on the upcoming ballot simultaneously to repeal the death penalty and to redirect death row expenses into police investigations. The Official Voter Guide summarizes Proposition 34: Repeals death penalty […]

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Modifying Labels

The California ballot in November includes Proposition 37, which will require food products to include labeling for genetically modified foods. There are many good and bad aspects of requiring such labeling: it provides consumers with […]

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