The Golden Gate University Law Review is published in two issues each year: Fall (Ninth Circuit Survey) and Spring.

Please send all subscription orders to the Law Review business office, located at 536 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. The subscription rate for a volume of the Law Review is $35.00, and the rate for a single issue is $15.00. International shipping carries an additional $7.00 charge. Subscriptions renew automatically unless notice of cancellation is received 30 days before publication.

Claims for issues not received must be filed within six months of publication or they will not be honored without charge.

Notification of change of address must be received one month in advance of publication to ensure prompt delivery. Please include both the old and new addresses, with zip codes.

Back Issues

Back issues of the Golden Gate University Law Review may be ordered directly from:

William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
1285 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14209-1987
Phone: (800) 828-7571
Fax: (716) 883-8100

Back issues can also be found in electronic format on Hein Online (login required) and through Golden Gate University School of Law’s Digital Commons archive.