Digital Symposium: Ethical Prosecutions

golden_gate_university_logoThe Golden Gate University Law Review is proud to promote student and faculty scholarship. It is our belief that publishing articles outside of the traditional Law Review format enriches discussion within the legal community about important issues that sometimes go unaddressed. Our first Digital Symposium explored the unique ethical and moral issues that arise in the prosecution of criminal cases. The Symposium was the product of the ideas discussed in Professor Caren Cambre’s Ethical Prosecutions class, offered each spring here at Golden Gate University School of Law.

Each student’s written article took a position on a contemporary ethical issue that faces prosecutors. These student articles are bookended by the generous and fascinating contribution of Professor Wes R. Porter, then Director of the GGU Litigation Center and a former federal prosecutor who has seen the ethical issues that face prosecutors firsthand. Professor Porter’s article addresses the topic of ethical prosecutions by discussing the teaching moments that go unlearned every day in prosecutors offices around the country. To highlight the problems he believes need to be addressed by prosecutors, Professor Porter uses the dismissed conviction of Damon Thibodeaux as a lens to magnify the lessons that go unlearned when a prosecution goes wrong.

We hope you enjoy the content of this Digital Symposium. Look for more Digital Symposium editions as part of the Golden Gate University Law Review‘s commitment to generating accessible legal scholarship.

Digital Symposium: Ethical Prosecutions


Professor Wes R. Porter

Read the Article:  Peeking Behind The Curtain Of Government Dismissals In Criminal Cases And Lessons Unlearned

Larissa A. Jones, J.D. Candidate, May 2015

Read the Article:  DA’s Offices Should Adopt Internal Policy Against Prosecuting Prostitutes; Instead Focusing On Prosecuting Sex Traffickers And Recognizing Prostitutes As Victims

Tyler McKean, J.D. Candidate, May 2015

Read the Article:  Are Prosecutors Charging Practices Above The Law?

Lori Mullins, J.D. Candidate, May 2015

Read the Article:  Prosecuting Cases Vertically: A More Victim-focused Approach

Sylvia Nguyen, J.D. Candidate, May 2015

Read the Article:  Minors Should Never Be Tried As Adults In Criminal Court

Cheri Hawkins, J.D. Candidate, May 2015

Read the Article:  Finding Appropriate Candidates For The District Attorney’s Office

Ian Sinclair, J.D., May 2014

Read the Article:  Peremptory Challenges: A System In Need Of Reform   

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